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[ZEE WORLD] Saturday 1st June 2019 Update On Mehek

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateJune 2, 2019 -


1st June Update on World

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1st June Update starts with Shaurya asking the m contractor why he stopped working? we have to end illegal property in old Delhi, start bulldozer, bulldozer start breaking houses again. Mahek runs to him, Mahek cries and asks Shaurya to stop all that, this is our income and everything for this neighborhood, she folds her hands and begs him to stop it.

Shaurya says you people should have thought before kicking my business, i have told you earlier that there is nothing bigger than my dream for me, you people tried to destroy my restaurant which is my dream so you have to pay for that. Mahek sees bulldozer breaking houses. Shaurya asks contractor to speed up the work, destroy all houses.

Ravi comes in bulldozer, he tries to stop driver but police catches him and beats him. Mahek is crying seeing all that, Shaurya smirks seeing all destruction, Mahek folds her hand and says there are people’s whole life struggles that they are breaking, please stop this, i will do anything you say for whole life, i will listen to you whole life but please stop it, i apologize to you, i am sorry, she cries and begs to him, dont punish this society.

Mahek says for sake of me, for our half, broken burdened filled relation, their hard work will be destroyed. Shaurya says i payback mistakes with interest, he turns away from her, Mahek says please, Shaurya leaves without listening to her.

Shaurya is driving his car. Mahek is sad and cries. In her society, bulldozer is breaking Sharma family’s shops. Shaurya is driving fast and recalls how Mahek begged him, gave him sake of their half relation but he didnt listen to her.

Shaurya is about to call contractor but stops himself, he keep replaying Mahek’s pleading. He stops car and calls contractor, he asks him to stop destruction, we have broken enough, contractor says you are little late, we have broken Sharma family’s shops and some other shops too, Shaurya says stops bulldozer.

Contractor orders driver to stop bulldozer. All family members of Sharma family are crying. Mahek is sitting on road and crying. Shaurya recalls Mahek folding her hand and pleading to him, he closes his eyes and feels guilty, he sadly drives away.

Sheetal tells to Sharma family that you must be at peace now, i dont know your animosity with Shaurya but why we had to pay for it? one neighbor says that we are on roads because of you people. Dhaaba owner says whats done is done, we should complain. Sheetal says Shaurya broke 5shops today and he can break more if these Sharma family fight with Shaurya so we cant let them do business here.

Ravi says what are you saying? Sheetal says to neighbors that we had to bear Shaurya’s wrath and all this destruction due to Sharma family’s personal animosity with Shaurya so we all decide to ban Sharma family from doing business in this area.

Mahek’s family is shocked to hear all that. Sheetal says their shops will be permanently banned, all society members agree. Sonal tells Sheetal that they are my family now, why you are doing this with them? Sheetal asks everyone to gather their stuff and leave, she leaves. Mahek wipes her tears and looks on.

Check back for more update later

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