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[Zee World] 17 July 2019 Update On Mehek

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateJuly 16, 2019 -


Mehek 17 July Update On World Series

Previous On Mehek Update

Tonight’s episode starts with Shaurya about kissing Mahek but he gets a call, he ends it, Mahek says to take it, it must be something important, Shaurya says nothing is more important that you, He leans in again and about to kiss her but gets call again, she says see it, it might be urgent, Shaurya says nothing is more urgent than what’s going on here.

He caresses her bare back and pulls her closer but she gets call, Shaurya snatches phone from her and is about to throw it away, Mahek says at least let me see it, have you gone mad? she takes call while Shaurya keeps kissing her neck, Mahek is on call and says what? when? she is in tears and looks at Shaurya, shaurya asks what happened?

Kanta and Jeevan lies on bed. sonal comes there and says there was a blast in white chilies, she shows them news, they are shocked, Jeevan says how this happened? Kanta asks jeevan to call Mahek. He calls her.

Mehek 17 July Update On World Series

All reporters are outside white chilies and covering restaurant burning in flames. Shaurya and Mahek arrives there, they are shocked to see burnt restaurant. Shaurya asks where is Niki? Priya says she is in hospital. Fireman comes there and says wiring in kitchen was not fine thats why fire broke out because of gas leak.

Inspector says because of your poor wiring, there was injury too, Shaurya says I handled all wiring myself, they were good quality. Reporter asks Shaurya what he thinks about fire? Shaurya shouts my restaurant is burnt, my friend is in hospital and you are asking me all this? Mahek asks him to calm down, shaurya jerks away and says dont calm me down, I am going to hospital, Mahek tries to stop him but he ignores her and leaves, Mahek sadly looks on.

Shaurya comes to hospital and talks to doctor, doctor leaves, Shaurya says these doctors are useless too. Mahek comes there and asks about Niki, Vicky says she is in critical condition, Mahek cups Shaurya’s face and says talk to me, Shaurya says Niki is in this condition because of me, how can I be this careless, Mahek says I was incharge of kitchen, I left her there, if I didnt left her then I would in her condition right now, it was my responsibility and its all my fault.

shaurya says no, you and vicky were just helping, I was incharge of everything, Niki is in this condition today because of me. Kanta and Jeevan comes there. Mahek hugs Kanta and says its all my fault, I shouldnt have taken such big responsbility when I couldnt handle it, I am sorry Niki. Jeevan says to Shaurya that dont worry, everything will be fine.

Niki is calmly sitting on hospital bed, she is totally fine. Niki says to doctor that am I not a good actress? She sits on hospital bed and praises her acting skills. Flashback shows Niki leaking gas from cylindar and making blast happen in the restaurant.

Shaurya and Mahek meets Niki in hospital, she has bandages acts severly injured. shaurya asks Niki why didnt she check kitchen before leaving? Niki says Mahek took responsibility of kitchen so I didnt doublw check thinking she did it, but Mahek doesnt have experience about business. Mahek looks on, she sees Shaurya sad, Mahek calls someone and says I want to meet you.

Shaurya brings Niki to home. Karona says you will live with us from now till you become fine, Niki says I am irritating you people right? Shaurya says if you dont take rest then you will. Mahek comes there with lawyer, Niki nods at lawyer, he hints her that work is done. Mahek says to family that Niki was right, transferring restautant in her name was the right decision, Niki was right, I dont have any experience in handling business.

Niki should run it and I am naming restaurant in her name, Niki says what are you saying? you took my words to heart, Karona says you should have atleast discussed with Shaurya first, Shaurya says Mahek listen.. Mahek says please let me give it to Niki, she can transfer it back to your name after one month.

she gives papers to Niki. Niki smirks and thinks she is so fool, she is ready to get slaughtered herself. Niki calls her mysterious partner and lets him listen what is going on.

Niki says Mahek you are making me stuck with Shaurya more, Karona asks Mahek to think again, Mahek says my decision wont change, i cant forget that Niki could lose her life because me, not everyone is expert in everything, first rats came in restaurant and now this fire broke out under my supervision, shaurya and Niki understands business so they should handle it and I can focus on my cooking only, my decision is final.

Niki thinks that now their bad time starts, Shaurya will curse himself for marrying you Mahek. Niki is about to sign restaurant papers but Shaurya stops her, he takes papers from her and tears them infront of Mahek, Mahek is stunned. Niki glares at him.

Mahek says what you did Shaurya? Shaurya says what you think that I will let you become great Mahek again? if there was fault in wiring then its not only your fault, it was fault of all of us so why you should bear punishment only? Niki is right that you dont have experience but I checked wiring and whole restaurant’s wiring had fault so you dont have to take punishment alone to become great again, Niki am I not right?

Niki says yes I was thinking that Mahek is taking wrong step by giving restaurant away. Mahek looks at Shaurya in tears, she hugs him tightly and says I didnt do all this to become great or to bear punishment, I was feeling really bad that restaurant got burnt because of me and I wanted to the right thing, Shaurya hugs her again.

Vicky says so its decided that Mahek is boss of everyone. Shaurya asks lawyer when will they get license? lawyer says we have to do meeting with FDA. Mahek says what to do now Shaurya? Shaurya says you just take rest, I will handle everything, you just keep smiling, they lovingly look at each other. Mehek 17 July Update

Jeevan says to PD that Mahek and Shaurya fight a lot but they stand together in trouble times, see he didnt let Mahek transfer restaurant to someone else, this Shaurya is weird, he does mistakes one week and does something so great next week that we have to forgive him. Kanta says I selected him for Mahek afterall. Sonal sees Mohit coming there after waking up, he has headache.

Sonal comes to him and gives him lemonade, he turns to leave but she says I want to talk to you, Mohit says I dont want to, Sonal says you cant leave, you said that you will earn money in two days? what are you upto? dont do something that you will regret? think about our baby, you are going to be father, I need you. Mohit says you didnt need me when you left me for my family, dont remind me that I am going to be father, I keep thinking about only, I dont think about you anymore because I dont have a place for you in my heart anymore, he glares at her and leaves. Sonal is hurt and says what has happened to Mohit?

Mahek is in kitchen, Dolly says to her that you and Shaurya will be alone in restaurant today so make him runout today, Mahek blushes and says I wont run him out, there is repairing work going on in hotel. Sonal comes to Mahek’s house. Mahek comes to her and asks if she is fine? Sonal says I am fine, I just thought to meet you before going to work.

Mahek asks if Mohit did something again? Sonal says he is definitely upto something, she tells him how he got drunk and challenged that he is going to earn money in two days, she says I think that he is going to big wrong step, if we dont stop him then it can be devastating for family, family is so hurt with Mohit’s antics, I keep trying kto distract them from Mohit’s acts, they are tired of his behaviour, how to stop him? Shaurya comes there.

Zee World Series: Mehek 17 July Update

Shaurya says to Sonal that ignore Mohit, I know you love himn a lot and he is your husband but he wont listen to you. Niki hides and listen to them. Mahek says but he is a family, we have to tell him that he is wrong, Shaurya says I gave him money so that he can stand on his feet but he is useless, let him do what he wants, he will learn his lesson after bearing burnt of his wrong decisions.

Mahek says Shaurya you lost right path many times and took wrong decision but did your family leave you alone? Shaurya says you brought me on right path but Mohit doesnt want to come on right path, he took your help to win contest, he cant do anything on his own, Mahek says think about Sonal, she needs peace in this condition but he is giving her stress only, Shaurya side hugs Sonal and says you are right we have to become support of Sonal but even if we beg Mohit, he wont listen to him. Mehek 17 July Update On Zee World Series

Mahek and Shaurya hug Sonal, Shaurya says let’s drop Sonal to her work, they leave. Niki hears all that and calls her a mysterious person, she says the situation is coming under our control.

Shaurya pulls Mahek closer by holding her waist and says whatever work you have, pack it up till tonight as tonight I won’t let your lips say anything, if you don’t fall in love with me more till tomorrow morning then my name won’t remain Shaurya, he caresses her lips with his finger and smirks, she ducks her head shyly. Mahek and Shaurya sway and slowly dance in each other’s arms.

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