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[Zee World] 20 July 2019 Update On Mehek

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateJuly 19, 2019 -


20 July 2019 Update On

Tonight’s episode starts with Shaurya getting angry as she sadly says let’s go. Luggage slips from Shaurya’s hands and is about to fall down but Mahek comes there and holds it, supporting him to stand up, Shaurya looks on and sees whole Sharma family standing behind Mahek there to support Khanna family. Kanta says to them that we have come here for you people, come with us.

PD says to Shaurya that if you have ever loved Mahek then come with us. Jeevan says to Harish that I cant see you people in this condition, don’t talk to us but come with us. Mahek says to Shaurya that I used the right you gave me in love wrongly, I sold your house and property, I will do everything in power to bring your dream back but when you get your everything, I won’t ask you to even talk to me, you won’t have to see my face but please for now, come with us, please come with me.

Dolly says sleeping on the road is an insult and they are not strangers but our own so accept. Shaurya tries to hold luggage but Mahek stops him and gives him puppy eyes. PD goes the media reporter and tells him to zoom the camera on her. She says that we may be not rich now but we have our backs to each other and we are united. Both families join hands to show the media that they are together.

World Update: 20 July 2019

Mehak tells to media that I did mistake and I trusted wrong people and my husband is bearing brunt of it, he is in this situation because he loves me a lot and I have disappointed him today so in front of everyone today.. she makes Shaurya look at her and folds her hands in front of him, she says I apologize, I am sorry.. I am sorry, she looks at his tears, he melts down seeing her pleading.

At Shaurya’s house, Ajay opens TV. They see Mahek supporting Shaurya’s family. Rohit breaks glass in anger, Ajay says don’t be angry, they like to talk big, did we think we will become a millionaire? just chill. Sheetal says Khanna and Sharma’s should not unite again, Ajay says Shaurya is rich from mind and Mahek is poor from the mind, just chill and see what happens tomorrow. Niki says, what will happen? Ajay says I have a plan for them, tonight let them hug and play and tomorrow I will play my first move.

Shaurya’s family comes to Mahek’s area. Shaurya brings their luggage as Khanna family is going to live in Sharma house now. Neighbors see this, one neighbor taunts that Mahek ate up all the money of her rich husband, one comments that she brought her husband on roads after marrying him, another comments that Mahek looted her husband’s family and brought them on roads. Sharma family looks down in shame hearing the taunts, Shaurya looks on.

Kanta says to one neighbor, that your daughter ran away? did she come back? Ravi asks everyone to leave, one man says how will you bring your son in law in a small house? one woman says Shaurya was supporting them and they doomed him too. Shaurya gets angry but Mahek holds his hand and says aunty say what you want? woman says, don’t show attitude? cant we talk? Mahek says we haven’t done any sin, its bad time and everyone faces it.

PD says to the woman that your daughter in law filed dowry case on you right? woman gets embarrassed. Mahek says to one woman if she still steals veggies from the market? woman says don’t argue, you ate up your own inlaws, is it lie? Mahek feels bad. One woman says they are on roads and you are at fault Mahek. Shaurya says enough, I am bearing because you are neigbhours but if you don’t stop then I won’t spare anyone, Jeevan asks them to all leave. Mahek holds Shaurya’s hand and nods. Mahek takes the Khanna family to her house.

PD says to she will be facing a tough time from now on so be strong. Sharma family is worried that what will they serve to Khanna family in food? Jeevan and Kanta get worried about how so many people will adjust in their tiny house.

Mehak makes snacks for the Khanna family. She makes sandwiches. Mansi says you handled well.

Jeevan says to Kanta that it will be difficult for them to adjust here but where else will they go?
Nehal serves food to the Khanna family. Harish asks for AC. Karona says there is no AC here. Harish says, how do people even live without AC? all look on.

Sonal serves food to Shaurya but he is busy on calls. Harish taunts Jeevan if they have electricity? I won’t survive like this. Mahek brings a dish and asks him to taste it. Dolly says will we live here whole life? Shaurya says everything will be fine, I am doing arrangements, I have to bear Mahek’s foolishness. Mahek looks down and leaves. Kanta asks her to go behind her. Kanta asks Harish and Karona to come with her, she will show them the room.

Kanta brings Karona to the room and asks her to sit down, she says to Karona and Harish that this is your room from now on, Karona says you are doing too much for us, Kanta says we are doing nothing, let us have the honor. Harish says everything is fine but if there was AC… Jeevan looks on.

Mansi brings a dolly to her room, Dolly says its nice but you know Shaurya’s house bathroom is bigger than this room, where will you live? Mansi says me and Kanta will live in PD’s room. Dolly says your bedsheet is dirty, can you change it? Kanta and Mansi clean house.

Vicky says to Nehal that your room… Nehal says how dare you ask for my room? I am a and Sonal is pregnant so we are not giving up room. Vicky says I was just saying that I will adjust outside the room, you can keep it. Nehal says good and tells your family to not act like kidnappers. He nods and leaves.

Harish says to Jeevan that if not AC then provide two coolers in the room, Jeevan says I will do some arrangements. Shaurya sees it.

Sonal comes to Shaurya and says I know you are angry with Mahek but at least listen to her. Shaurya says she will start crying about her helplessness, I asked her to stay away from Mohit’s mess but she didn’t listen. Shaurya says to Sonal that you have no idea, Mahek has given all money to them. Sonal says do you know goons kidnapped Jeevan? Mahek saved him otherwise he won’t be even alive today. Shaurya looks on, Shaurya says I was stuck with my problem. I didn’t think about Mahek, tell me everything, she tells him how goons took Jeevan.

Mahek is working in the kitchen. She gets a call from drunk Ajay. Ajay says darling how are you? if you were with me then I would have kept you like a princess, I am ready to give you another chance baby, I like you a lot, come to me and have luxury life with me, leave that cheap Shaurya. Mahek says to keep that cheap offer with you. Shaurya comes there and puts the phone on speaker.

20 July 2019 Update On

Ajay says he has nothing, he is not good looking and doesn’t even have money, come to me. Shaurya says if I come to you then I would wash you and play and beat you like an instrument. Ajay says, you left on roads and still have an ego? Shaurya says lion never leaves his trait, remain in your lane otherwise it will be bad for you, he ends the call. Ajay says I won’t spare you Shaurya.

Shaurya says to Mahek that I am sorry, she turns away from him, he holds her hand and says I am sorry, I didn’t give you a chance to explain, Mahek says you always do this, get angry and scream like a lion and then say sorry and expect forgiveness, I don’t want to talk to you. Shaurya says yes I want forgiveness, beat me but forgive me, Mahek says don’t irritate me, and leaves.

Shaurya pulls her closer and says we have to makeup, Mahek says anyone can come. Shaurya says forgive me or kiss me? he leans in closer. Harish calls Shaurya, he moves away from Mahek. Harish asks for cooler, Shaurya says I should put him a fridge. Mahek sniggers.

At night, Shaurya and Vicky are trying to sleep but Ravi and Jeevan are snoring and mosquitos are biting them. Vicky says now I know how difficult it is to live like this. Door knocks. All family members wake up. Shaurya opens the door and sees Ajay with his company. Ajay says, how are you Shaurya? you spoiled my mood so I had to come at night only.

Shaurya grabs his collar and says do you want to get beaten? Rohit says don’t try to get physical otherwise it won’t be good. Ajay shows them papers. Ajay says to family that the house you have come to live inside is not Sharma house but it’s my mother’s Sheetal’s house, all are shocked and confused. Ravi says, I gave property papers to Khurana? Pammi says and Khurana gave it to me.

Ajay asks them to get lost from here. Pammi says I was trying to invest in property, your house is not too good but I wanted you people to be shelter-less so I bought it. Ajay says to Mahek that baby doll, you can stay here with me if you want. Mahek is disgusted. Ajay says fine then, get lost, leave this house or else I will start throwing things out and will not spare your honor too.

Ravi says that Khurana promised me to not sell my property to anyone. Pammi says we bought Khurana and this Shaurya used to buy people for his advantage so we have learned things from him, she asks Shaurya to check papers if he doesn’t believe it. Shaurya checks it and says to Ajay that you cant throw us out, Nehal call police.

Ajay says we have done arrangements, no policeman is going to come here in this area tonight, you used to have ego-based on your money and today we have money and power both. PD loses balances and Pammi pushes her away. Pammi says I can throw your things out so it’s good if you people leave on your goon. Ajay’s bouncers come in the house and start throwing both families out of the house.

Shaurya gets in a fight with Ajay, Ajay hits him with the pot on the head. Mahek holds Shaurya and supports him while he is dizzy. Ajay and company throw Mahek and Shaurya’s family out of the house. Ajay says I told you to protect your honor but now everyone is seeing you people getting kicked out. Pammi says don’t be seen here again otherwise I will call dogs to throw you, people, away.

They go to Sharma house and closes the door. Sonal faints not able to bear the pressure. Mansi gives her water. Balwant says, what is happening? Mahek says God please help us. Dhaba owner Ratan comes there and says I got to know everything, don’t worry, God will handle everything, Mahek you are a lioness to don’t cry, let’s take Shaurya to the hospital then we will go to my house. Balwant says we have thanks to you, he says don’t embarrass me, my Dhaba is working because of Mahek today, he takes the family with him.

Ajay, Rohit, and Pammi come to Shaurya’s house. Niki says, you people must have done something? Ajay says, you didn’t sleep till now darling? Niki says don’t darling me, our plan was to eat Shaurya’s property only, he is injured snake so don’t mess with him more. Ajay says my plan was to break Shaurya. Niki says they are on roads, what else you want? Ajay says I want Mahek and Shaurya on their knees and beg to me, Mahek rejected me and Shaurya insulted me, they have too much ego for their love so I want them to be my servant and I want to remind Mahek every day that she became servant of house where she could have been a queen because of her pathetic love.

Shaurya’s head is bandaged. Ratan brings Khanna and Sharma family to his small house. He says this house is small as I never got married but my heart is big and that’s all that matters. Sharma family sets and cleans house. ,, says to Harish that don’t worry, we will buy some house on low rent tomorrow. Mahek takes off Shaurya’s bandage and kisses his hand lovingly.

Today’s Update: 20 July 2019

At night, all are sleeping with difficulty. Jeevan hugs Harish in sleep but Harish pushes him away. Shaurya is feeling itchy. Mahek wakes up and sees it. Mahek messages Shaurya that our love can change the world but the world doesn’t have guts to change our love. Shaurya reads it and sits up, he doesn’t look at Mahek. Mahek messages him that if you breakdown like this then who will handle me? don’t turn your back to me. Shaurya reads it.

She sadly looks at him. Shaurya replies that how can I look in your eyes? our family was brought on roads and I couldn’t do anything, it feels like I don’t deserve your love. Mahek reads it. She gets up. Shaurya comes to her. Mahek hugs him tightly and tries to soothe him. Mahek cups Shaurya’s face and says to know what you are to me, you have to read my heart, you are my strength, I am lucky to have you as a husband, Shaurya says you are crazy. Mahek says you are a crazy, mad and angry man but I am sure that after all this, we can fight anything in our way now. Shaurya says our love never lost the fight and it will keep fighting against all odds, he kisses her forehead. Mahek nods and hugs him.  20 July 2019 Update

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