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[Zee World] 23 July 2019 Update On Mehek

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateJuly 23, 2019 -


23 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts with Balwant talking to Harish saying that there is no humanity left in people. Mahek makes Sonal rest on the couch and says doctor have said complete bed rest so don’t move from here.

Mahek starts cleaning house with family, they are mopping porch when Shaurya and Vicky arrive there. Mahek sadly looks at Shaurya. She runs to him and hugs him tightly. Shaurya looks on.

Shaurya asks the family what happened? Mahek says Ajay and Rohit forcefully entered the house, she tells him how they broke everything and misbehaved with women of the house, Karona says they don’t deserve to roam freely, Shaurya asks how did they leave? Kanta tells him about Mahek’s rampage.

Nehal says if you were here Shaurya then they wouldn’t have dared to come here. Shaurya says its good that I was not here and they dared to come here, Ravi says what are you saying? Shaurya says if I was here then you wouldn’t know that my sweet, always crying wife is actually a lioness, he cups Mahek’s face and smiles at her, he says if I was here then Sonal and Nehal wouldn’t have seen their strengths, girls have proved that they need us to love and care for them, they don’t need our protection.

People pray to Devi but we don’t recognize devices that are in our lives, its good that we were not here because then we couldn’t have witnessed devices, all smile. Ravi says your speech was motivational, Harish says after all he is my son. Karona hugs Shaurya.

23 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Shaurya comes to Mahek, she hugs him and says I love you, she asks about their meeting. Vicky says Nikki arrived there before we could and destroyed everything, Shaurya takes mop in his hand and says till I dont find any work, I will do this work, he goes to change, Mahek looks on.

Shaurya comes to his room. He is dejected. He sits down on bed and is in thoughts. Mahek comes there and sees his daze like state. Mahek coughs and shows him a puppet, she mimics and talks to the puppet, she acts like puppet saying her that her husband is really wow, Mahek says he trapped me, I didn’t lure him.

Mahek makes puppet says that he is very nice, he is caring. Mahek says he gets angry on me but fights for me to the whole world, he acts like a kid around me, Mahek makes puppet say that he is two in one, he is husband-kid, Mahek laughs, she sees that Shaurya is not cheered up by her act. She says don’t feel bad, you made me lioness and Devi and what about you? you are doubting yourself for a small deal?

Mahek says to Shaurya that how can you forget that you are Shaurya Khanna and you build the most successful food empire in Delhi city at an age when people were trying to figure out what they can do, your business was snatched from you so you can build bigger empire than it. Shaurya takes puppet from her and plays with it, he says I will create the biggest empire in Delhi, Mahek says don’t worry.

Shaurya and Mahek lie on the bed. Shaurya says how will we get 75K? Mahek says I don’t know about that but if we find a good contract for lunchbox service then nobody can stop us. Shaurya says thank you for showing me a good way.

Sharma family is working and packing lunchboxes to sell. Karona says we are working in the kitchen after many days. Ravi meets someone and asks for a loan, he argues to lessen the interest rate in the loan.

Shaurya comes to Sharma family and informs that he is going to meet someone to get a contract for lunchbox service. He asks for one lunchbox sample, Mahek gives him 2 and says have one in lunch in the afternoon. Shaurya nods and leaves. Ajay’s spy sees him leaving, he calls Pammi and informs her about the contractor.

Pammi tells Ajay and Nikki that Shaurya has gone to meet the contractor. Nikki says I will make sure that he doesn’t get a contract.

All are waiting for Shaurya and Vicky to comeback. Sonal says, what if he doesn’t get a contract? Mahek asks her to keep hopes up. Shaurya and Vicky come home, all expectantly look at them, Mahek asks Shaurya what happened? did they get a contract, Shaurya looks at her with a straight face. Mahek asks if something is wrong?
Nikki comes to Khanna house, Ajay asks if she took the contract and didn’t let Shaurya take it? Nikki says they fooled us, they didn’t have a meeting with a contractor whom I met and instead he met some other contractor.

Mahek sees Shaurya’s sad face and says don’t worry if we didn’t get a contract then we will get another one. Shaurya breaks into a smile and tells everyone that they got the contract. Vicky informs that we will get 75 thousand after delivery. Mahek tells it all happened because of Shaurya’s and he tells it’s happened because of her. PD tells it happened because of both, all are happy to hear it, Mahek hugs Shaurya.

Nikki says to Ajay that doesn’t take their business lightly, Ajay says they can’t do anything, they will get advance when they complete delivery and I won’t let it happen, he smirks.

In the morning, all Sharma family members are busy in cooking. Nehal strikes with Kanta and asks her to be careful, Kanta says to be careful with your tongue. Ravi and Jeevan are preparing cycles. Shaurya sees it and thinks that all working, I should ask if I can help too.  23 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

He asks Nehal if he can help her pick things, she says no its all right. Shaurya offers Jeevan to set his cycle, Jeevan says no you take rest, you are our son in law, you have already done a lot for us. Shaurya murmurs that nobody is letting me do anything. He comes in lounge and sits beside Harish and Balwant, Balwant and Harish are discussing TV channels, Balwant asks Shaurya to search for the sports channel.

Mahek comes there, Sonal says all are working so give me work too, Mahek says you work in sitting position only, cut veggies. Nehal comes there, Mahek asks her to crush pulse. Shaurya comes to her, Mahek says I can’t help you today, you handle everything on your own, she leaves. Shaurya says I can’t sit idle, I have to find some work.

Rohit says to Ajay that we can them, Ajay says if you try to Shaurya then he will beat you up. Servant Awara hears it, he calls Vicky and says they are making plans against you people but couldn’t think of any solid plan till now, Vicky says thanks, inform me if you find out anything, he says okay and ends the call.

Pammi comes there and says to Ajay, Nikki, and Rohit that I have made poor people eat, God will listen to us and Shaurya and Mahek’s lunchbox service won’t work out. Rohit says we are millionaires so their small work cant does anything to us.

Nikki says we didn’t let them get deal but still they found a contract that’s why I am saying to stop doing filthy acts and man up, stop Shaurya. Pammi says I will do something, Nikki says no, whenever you do something, you always end up creating a mess so just sit and enjoy TV, she leaves.

Shaurya comes in the kitchen, he strikes with Kanta and box slips from Kanta’s hand, Shaurya grabs it before it can fall. Mahek says where is your concentration Shaurya? Kanta says his eyes were on you, Shaurya says I am bored, I need some work, Mansi says you need to do some outside work. Ravi comes there, Shaurya says I want to do some work, Ravi says no you are our son in law, we won’t let you do work.

Shaurya comes to Vicky and says give me some work, Vicky says no no.. you are son in law, we are labor to do work so just go and enjoy, he leaves. Mahek comes on the terrace, Shaurya comes there, Shaurya strikes with her, they both fall down. Mahek pushes him away and says why you are distracting me? Shaurya says I am sitting idle, you are giving work to everyone but not me,

Mahek says you have got one day off so just sit and enjoy, Shaurya says I don’t like sitting idle so give me some work, Mahek says you are acting like a kid, I don’t have any work for you, what will people say if I ask you’re to work in the kitchen? just sit back and enjoy a day off. Shaurya says if you don’t have any work for me then how will you stop me from distracting you?

Mahek says arent you scared to flirt with me? Shaurya says lovers are not scared, he says if you don’t have any work for me then.. he pulls her closer, she pushes him away and says anyone can see, I have one word for you, will you be hesitant to do it? Shaurya says Shaurya Khanna is never hesitant to do it.

Mahek says I have sprawled spice on the floor to get it dry, can you keep an eye on it? crows come around it a lot so don’t be scared of them my Brave Khanna, she pushes him away and runs away. Shaurya says my wife made me scarecrow.. that’s, why they don’t, get married.

At night, Kanta says to family that we will start working at 5 AM and will complete task till 9 AM and then you can go to sell. Mahek asks Shaurya why he is not eating? Shaurya says food taste has something missing. Nehal says he is not tasting his sweat as today he just sat and made sure to keep crows away.

Shaurya it was nice to work to keep them away. Harish says after all he is my son. Ajay enters house and spies on them. Mahek asks Shaurya to eat, he says first you say sorry, Mahek says I will see how you make me say it. Shaurya glares at her.  23 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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