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[Zee World] 27 July 2019 Update On King of Hearts

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateJuly 27, 2019 -


King of Hearts 27 July Update On

Today’s episode starts with Sid reaching accident venue where DD rammed her new car into a man. He handles the situation and says publicly that he will take this man to the hospital in DD’s car. He takes the man to DD’s house and asks DD to help him take the man into the house. He starts his chattering. DD asks him to stop his chatter Pattar and take this man in. He asks her to help him and they both reach inside the house, but see Kesar and hide behind the sofa. Roshni also comes and gets into her room. They both then take the man into DD’s room and make him sleep on the bed.

The door bell rings. Sid says doc must have come. Roshni opens the door and asks the doc what is he doing here. He says DD called him. He sees Sid and asks him to come out. Roshni asks what is he doing here. He says ex-mother-in-law met with an accident. DD says it is a simple accident and will get her routine check-up and takes Sid in with the doc. Roshni, Mona, and Kesar are confused and Kesar says snake and mangoes are together, it is very confusing. Doc checks man and says he is fine and will wake up in some time. They come out of room and doc says DD is fine but will need rest. Sid waves bye to Roshni and leaves. Roshni tries to go behind DD, but she runs and locks the door.

DD reminisces accident and this she will not let anyone see this man. Man in the morning gets out. Roshni gets afraid and holds lampshade against him. He asks her to relax and asks why is he here. Roshni calls Kesar. The whole family comes out. The man asks who brought him here. DD asks if he does not know who she is. He says no. Roshni asks who is this man and what was he doing in her room.

World Series: King of Hearts 27 July Update

Man shouts who hit him and why did they kidnap him. DD says nobody kidnapped him and forces him to sit. She asks Kesar to call the doc and herself calls Sid to come there.

Doc checks man and tells the man has lost memory and should stay here for some days. He gives prescription and leaves. Roshni asks DD if she made the accident of this man. Sid says it is a hit and run case and DD will not be spared, so she should keep him home, else she will be sent to jail. He says nothing is in his hands now. Roshni says Sid is right and thanks to Sid for helping DD.

King of Hearts 27 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

DD agrees to keep the man at home. Sid says he will leave now. DD thanks him. He says she should have thanked him yesterday itself and says no problem at all, he will come daily to check this man and leaves. Roshni says even she is getting late for her job and leaves.

Kesar asks DD what will do now. DD says they have to wait until this man regains his memory. Mona asks how will she tolerate this man. She says they all have to tolerate this man for Roshni’s sake and asks them not to tell anything to Roshni.

DD is arranging a party at her house. The man starts eating all the decorated vegetables. DD comes and asks what is he doing. He says he is hungry. Kesar says he is ruining DD’s party. He asks who is DD. Kesar points at DD. The man says she looks like a Hitler here. DD asks her to go inside the room. He says he suffocates inside room. Roshni interferes and takes a man from there. Man thanks her and says DD is controlling everyone here. Roshni says she is her mom.

Sid tries to leave home. Simran says she knows he is going to meet Roshni and asks her to remove her completely from his life and stop torturing himself. Sid says he is absolutely fine and is enjoying. DD praises Kesar for arranging party well. Sid comes there. DD says she did not invite him, then why did he come. Sid says he came to meet uncle and recites an Urdu Shayari/poem. Kesar praises wah wah.

Sid says he knew he would like it and tells DD she is English medium and may not understand Urdu and tells its meaning is when he was her Jamai, he did not care, now he is ex-Jamai, so he does not give a damn. She asks him to go and meet a man. He follows Roshni instead who asks to stop following her.

Sid asks Kesar to give his clothes to man, else he will inform the police commissioner about the accident and will send DD jail. Kesar gets afraid and gives the man his clothes. The man starts enjoying the party and eats from the guest’s plates. Guest yells who is this shameless man in DD’s party. He says he is hungry. DD asks Sid to stay there, but control this man. She asks how did man get new clothes. Kesar says he gave as Sid blackmailed him. Sid says his tongue slipped. King of Hearts 27 July Update On

Roshni comes down getting ready in a beautiful sari. Sid gets mesmerized with her beauty and continues staring at her with moth open. The man asks him to close his mouth, else fly will enter. He says his hair didn’t grey just like that and says he lost his memory, not his brain. Roshni stops Sid and asks why is he drinking so much and wandering around. They both start their NOK Jhok. Roshni then goes to a man who says she is looking beautiful and asks if she wants to have food. She says no. Sid holds Roshni and says she should dance with him, else he will send ex-Sasuma DD to jail. She says let us see.

Music starts. Sid drags Roshni for a dance and they both sensuously dance on Na Seekha Mai Ne Tere bina….song….DD smiles looking at them. They both get emotional. Everyone claps for them after their dance. More Updates To Come…

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