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PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateMay 23, 2019 -



The scene begins with Jeevan telling Kanta “do you feel that ladies strengthening are valuable, all things considered? so you imagine that anything can make Shaurya Khanna regard Mahek? you didnt even educate me, yet you assembled some ladies and went there like it will make things right” Kanta answers “what might I have done? Mahek needed me to do it so I did, this is the thing that she needed, Jeevan says “you tuned in to her, didnt even believe this isn’t the arrangement and she may endure with that man”, Kanta says “at times we ought to tune in to our more youthful ones counsel as well, there is no mischief in attempting”.

Ravi discloses to Mansi that did men of this house kick the bucket that all of you ladies went to move toward becoming government officials? for what reason would we say we are forcing our little on that man? is there any regard staying for us?

Mansi says Mahek needed it, she should do right, Ravi says what right did you do? Mansi says you ought to have seen Shaurya’s face, he was vanquished. Ravi says what regarding after all of you left from that point? do you have any thought how Shaurya would have acted with Mahek after all of you left? you dont care about Mahek by any means. In the first part of the day, Mahek prepares. She comes to bedside and sees Shaurya dozing, she sees daylight throwing all over, she remains among him and daylight, she takes caution and rings it in Shaurya’s ears, he awakens with a yank, and says Mahek let me rest, he tosses cushion on her, Mahek says we will play pad battle during the evening so we will get great rest.. she winks at him, he gazes her. Mahek says its time for us to leave, Shaurya says I am not going anyplace with you.

Mahek indicates him list and says according to request number 4, you need to commend all customs which I celebrate regardless of whether you glare, Shaurya says there is no celebration today. Mahek reveals to Shaurya that today is my pag phera ritual(ritual in which lady of the hour and husband to be to go lady of the hour’s home first time subsequent to wedding) and you are accompanying me to my home. Shaurya says I am not going anyplace with you. Mahek says I have ladies NGO’s number, you have 10minutes to prepare, she leaves, Shaurya frowns at her indignantly. Jeevan says I don’t think of him as child in law of this house. Kanta says its alright on the off chance that you don’t yet mahek is our little girl, For her we need to do this. Since mahek thinks about him her significant other. We need to do this. Karona is supporting mahek.

There is something right she is doing. We are her family, we can’t disregard her. she will require our help. Nothing can hurt her on the off chance that we remain by her. Whoever endeavors to hurt her needs to pay back.

Mahek and Shaureya reach. Nehal opens the entryway. Kanta does their arti. She is going to put tilak on Shaureya. He says I am oversensitive to it. Mahek says apply all over twice. One for me and one for my better half. Kanta says come in. Shaureya contacts Pd’s feet. She says you kept running from wedding now we have you here. You have a decent spouse however. She will keep you cheerful for your entire life. Everybody smiles. Shaureya contacts feet of jeevan. Kanta says it please. Kanta asks Nehal and Jungu to bring nourishment. Mahek holds up. Jevan says no you sit. Kanta gives shaureya desserts. he says I am not eating desserts nowadays. Mahek says take a nibble and run 1KM additional. Ravi says spouse has begun instructing you to run kilometeres too now. Everybody laughs. Shaureya says spouse? Of a half done wedding? Mahek says chachi did you see all men whine and we ladies appreciate. Shaureya says we can see that. Kanta says we need to do the customs. Mohit bring the stuff.

Nehal says to Shaureya please eat this halwa. He says I am not eating sweet nowadays. Kanta gives them endowments. Mahek says why you did this? Kanta says this is custom. Kanta says Shaureya this shirt is for you. Shaureya says I can’t take it from you. Mahek says shaureya she is giving you with affection. Take it. Shaureya says I needed to come here so I did. You can’t drive me into things. Mahek says don’t be so mechanical. You came here don’t disapprove of endowments. Chachi carried this with affection. Shaureya says your ears don’t work here? I said I won’t take it.

Mohit says di he doesn’t get love. Shaureya says even frogs have begun talking now. You are 22, when I was your age I was effective business. I don’t converse with pointless young men. Mahek says enough. Shaureya says what did I say off-base? Is it accurate to say that he merits conversing with me? For what reason would you say you are doing this show? We can be honest to one another. Stop this non sense. This is all show Leave it for the world. Shaureya says you individuals got what you needed. I think we are similar. I realize I am a liar and sly. I can do anything for my reason. So you individuals resemble me to. I wedded mahek for her plans, at that point left the marriage. You needed mahek in my home for all time.

So you individuals successfully get her there. You were effective to get her in my home. What you think? I am a trick? I know your aims. When we are similar then for what reason would you say you are doing this dramatization? We can be honest to one another. I can’t utter a word else. Generally my significant other would state that I offended my in laws. So I am leaving.

Karona says I trust shaureya doesn’t get into mischief there. Svetlana says didi I feel like he is a youngster once more. He brings such a significant number of gripes. Karona says he used to pull your hair in adolescence and now your leg. Shaureya travels every which way to his room. She asks mahek would you say you are alright? Sveltna says for what reason would you say you are stressed over them? You realize he prefers toys. when he is finished with this young lady he will toss her out. Karona says she isn’t a toy she is my approval. Svetlana says don’t call her a gift in any event.

PD says even I dread that we are completing a slip-up now. Ravi he acted up with us in our home. He remained here in this house to deceive us.

Mahek says to Shaureya you detest me yet don’t affront my family. Don’t you realize how to converse with older folks? She says how could you converse with my family like this? He says that is the way I talk. Your family was doing their working class customs. You got every one of the things you needed. Huge house enormous vehicle. At that point for what reason would you say you are and they doing this dramatization? She says you just observe your cash being regarded. So you can not envision somebody getting things done for only you. You think cash is everything and it has blinded you. Mahek discloses to Shaurya that cash has blinded your self image, you cannot see anything straight. Shaurya says now you will educate me? I concur that I am liar, con artist however on their countenances yet your home resembles is show house, similar to your Kanta chachi was doing dramatization by giving me shoddy shirt, you individuals should begin encouraging how to trap rich folks.

Shaurya says that I did show of cherishing you to get your plans yet I was prepared to give you 50lacs however you need to snatch this 500crores property, you recognize love clearly yet how? since its not there, all I have recognized easily is insatiability, for extravagance and wealth, you are wise, Svetlana, Shurti are more superior to you as they atleast detest me from front, their eyes are on my property however you needed my surname, some time or another you will entice me and will get pregnant with my tyke, that is the reason you share stay with me, that is the reason you rest in my bed, when you become pregnant then your kid will be beneficiary of this property, Mahek says enough.

Shauray says cant handle truth? you realize my dad deceived my mom and began issue with rich lady and caught her to stretch out beyond him as you are coercing me to remain here, you didnt even endeavor to trap me in your affection trap as you I got caught myself, so Mahek Sharma appreciate living unreservedly in my five star inn type house, appreciate free nourishment, free jacuzi, free pool, everything as that is the thing that you need, he inclines in and kisses her cheek, he says appreciate nectar, he grins at her and leaves, Mahek cries being so stung.

Shaurya is sitting in room and sees Kumkum appear on Tv, he sees couple romancing on television and turns it off. Shaurya goes ahead overhang and sees Mahek sitting in greenhouse. Mahek quietly sits in nursery, bheji thi dua plays. Shaurya is remaining on overhang taking a gander at Mahek. Karona comes to Mahek and spreads Mahek with shawl, Mahek says I realize you can see slip-ups of your child and torment of mine however dont demand me to head inside, I need to remain alone until further notice. Karona says you didnt eat anything since morning, would it be a good idea for me to bring something for you? Mahek says no my yearning and thrist was grabbed by Shaurya. Shaurya takes a gander at them and says in the event that my mom was not caught in Mahek’s snare, at that point I would have tossed her out way before. Karona calls Kanta and says Mahek is quiet from the time she has rebound from your home, accomplished something occur there? Kanta says what should I let you know, she reviews how Shaurya offended them, she advises this to Karona❤.

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