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[ZEE WORLD] Monday May 27th 2019 update on “Mehek”

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateMay 24, 2019 -



Read previous episode SUNDAY MAY 26TH UPDATE ON MEHEK

Shaurya tells Mahek to get ready for the party, wear something good, you are my wife even for namesake only, Mehek says i dont have clothes of your standard, Shaurya says then wear anything you have, Mahek says i am living here by giving rent, not your employee, Shaurya says i dont want to take you but investors want you come with me, Mahek says then tell them no, you are Shaurya Khanna and can do anything, i am not going, let me drink tea. Shaurya grabs her arm, Mahek’s tea gets spilled from Mahek’s cup, Shaurya says what i have to do that you will agree to go with me? you want me to beg you? you sit in your feet? or drag you with me?

Mahek says if you had requested me to come with you then it would be good but now say sorry for spilling my tea, Shaurya says like you requested me to come to your home for pag pheras? what did you do? you blackmailed me with women NGO, Mahek says like you behaved well with my family, you insulted them. Shaurya asks her to come to party, Mahek agrees to go with him. Sonal calls Mahek, Sonal says i want to talk to you, Mahek says we will talk later, Shaurya says get ready fast.
Party starts in hotel. Investor says that if Shaurya’s wife doesnt come then foreign investors might feel bad. Shaurya comes there alone wearing white tuxedo. Mahek comes behind wearing red saree and holds his arm, investors thank her for coming, Mahek says i am just paying my husband back, investor goes.

Mahek says to Shaurya that you came to pag phera with me and did drama there so its my turn to do same. Shaurya says dont do anything, Mahek asys like you insulted my family? i might do anything. Foreign investors come there and says you came Mahek, such nice couple. Shaurya opens champagne bottle. Mahek says to Shaurya that i am your valentine so make me drink wine with your hands, Shaurya sees guests looking at them and makes Mahek drink wine from his hands, Mahek smirks and says cheer. Mahek whispers to Shaurya that you know i bring storm after drinking wine, Shaurya looks away. starts playing, Mahek says lets dance. Mahek brings Shaurya to dance floor, she grabs his hand and dances closely to him, she dances around him, Shaurya tries to ignore her but Mahek doesnt leave his hand.

All investors are dancing too. Mahek seductively dances around Shaurya, Shaurya says you have done enough dance for show off, Mahek says leaves dance floor and starts migling with guests. Shaurya glares at her. Mahek comes to bar and orders for whiskey looking at Shaurya, she shows him glass. Shaurya says to chef that red color means danger but this fool Mahek doesnt stop, she likes to make fun of her life, chef asys boss start feeling love, Shaurya says girls just want to dinners and parties on valentine so there is no love, guys just want s*x and girls want attention and stuff, there is no such thing as love in real life, this is just for business of chocolate companies.

He sees Mahek drinking wine after wine, he says this who celebrate indian culture is drinking so much wine, she might puke on investors, ask her to stop drinking. Chef comes to Mahek and says dont drink wine, Shaurya is saying no, Mahek says i am not drinking wine, i am drinking apple juice but dont tell it to Shaurya, he doesnt want to celebrate valentine so let him have sunshine. Chef comes to Shaurya and says Mahek is saying she would keep drinking wine like this, she dont care about you saying no, she will drink, Shaurya glares Mahek, she gives him evil smile.

Nehal says to Mohit that all my friends have valentine partners and i am most hot but i dont have date, Mohit says i went to date with last year but police came there and made me do sit ups. Nehal sees Sonal calling, Nehal says she must be calling to tell how she is celebrating valentine with her husband romantically, she wants me to get jealous but i wont take her call, she cuts her call. In party, Shaurya sees Mahek talking and laughing with some foreign male investor, he says we got freedom from englishmen but our girls still drool over white skin. Mahek comes to Shaurya and says serve some table, Shaurya asks why? Mahek slurs and acts like she is drunk, she says i want to do performance like you did at my house.

more update soon…..

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