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[ZEE WORLD] Saturday May 25th 2019 update on “Mehek”

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateMay 24, 2019 -



Read previous episode FRIDAY MAY 24TH UPDATE ON MEHEK

The episode starts with Shaurya coming there and asks why you were shouting? Mahek says its good if we talk infront of all because people of this house have habit of twisting words and making them gossip. Svetlana huffs that she taunted her. Shaurya asks what you want money? Mahek opens envelope and gives him money, he asks what is this? Mahek says what did you say? that i live in this house luxury life, use jacuzi, pools and every luxury of this house free of cost right? i never used anything free of cost in my whole life so you think i will take it from you now? this money is fees of living in your five star hotel like house, how much it will cost? 2000? 3000? no its 50,000rupees, this is rent for whole one month, if you think its less then tell me, i will arrange more money but dont boost your ego thinking i will live freely here and have fun with your money.

What did you say that i will seduce you and take advantage of you? your bedroom and dignity is safe, my honor is way more important then your cheap thinking, i wont enter your room till you dont beg me to comeback, me and my family dont need your money, the money you earned has sobbing of other people on them so keep it with you only. Mahek says to Shaurya that if you say publicly that you cheated me, you tell whole world what you did with me then i will leave your life and if you dont then i will live here in your house, i will live here by giving rent of everyday and live here with right, we are middle class but dont cheat, we respect but the one who cheat us, we slap them.

Shaurya says if you have so much self respect then why are you living here? what you want to prove here? Mahek says people like us dont need to prove anything, people rich like you have to prove. I started working at age of 25 not because i had issues but because i wanted to be independent and not to be burden on anyone, i am not like other people here who live freely, Svetlana says are you trying to say we are burden? Mahek says i didnt say anyone’s name, Shaurya says stop this drama, Mahek says i am not doing drama but stating truth, i will live here till you accept infront of everyone that you left me at alter of wedding, stole my mother’s recipes and cheated me, Mahek turns and leaves as Shaurya looks on.

Mohit is packing stuff. Jeevan asks what are you doing? you are not father if you wear same size of shoes as mine, he asks works to put things back from tempo, Mohit says Mahek asked me to bring her stuff so i am taking it, Balwant says we want to know what that Shaurya is doing now, Shaurya has destroyed our peace, what this Mahek wants to do? Mahek comes there and says why you all are scolding Mohit? i have done all this. Jeevan says you dont need to be in torture, that man doesnt even talk ot you nicely, always disrespects you, stop all this, stop this game, God is with you. Kanta says i dont sleep at nights thinking how you are there Mahek.

Mahek says Kanta chachi remember you used to tell me stories about exploring fragrance when fragrance was inside hero, shaurya is same, he doesnt realise his goodness, his upbringing, his love, he has put fake facade and living life of lie, me and Karona are trying to break that facade and he starts to live life and i want you all to be with me otherwise i wont be able to move ahead. Jeevan smiles and blesses her. Mahek says lets have magic hug now, Ravi says why you are taking stuff? Mahek says i have to live there with honour. Karona comes to Shaurya on balcony. Shaurya says to her that i know you cant see your daughter in law’s pain so have come to give me lecture, Karona says why you are giving importance to yourself? why you think that all want to talk to you? i came to see balcony as she doesnt live in your room, Shaurya says oshe is fooling you, you are praising her but in one hour, you will regret it, me and that potato has no match so stop dreaming.

Karona says Mahek is right, i should have controlled since childhood so you wouldnt behave like hysteric cow but i will tame you now. Mahek’s family is packing Mahek’s stuff, Mansi says take your utensils too, you like to cook in them, Mahek says will you give me whole kitchen now? Sonal brings mug and says this is your favorite mug, Mahek sees Sonal sad and asks if everything is fine? Kanta says she is fine, she is just lazy these days, Kanta leaves. Mahek says to Sonal that Kanta is right? you dont have any problem? Tempo driver asks her to put things fast in tempo, Sonal says to Mahek that i want to talk to you, Mahek says i will call you, this driver wont stop, she hugs Sonal but Sonal looks like she is broken and doesnt hug her back, Mahek sits in tempo and leaves.

Mahek is arranging balcony, putting her bed and stuff there. Shaurya comes there and sees her small bed. Shaurya why you are making hut here like poor people? i cant see it daily, MAhek says i have solution for that, she puts curtain on window which is facing Shaurya’s room, Mahek says now you wont see me. Mahek stands on bed and takes of lamp, Shaurya says you dont even know how expansive this is, its imported, Mahek takes it off and puts it on Shaurya’s bed, Shaurya says what are you doing? MAhek says i know its expansive so i have put it on your bed, we hut kind of people dont like this stuff. Mahek comes in balcony, she cuts bulb holder wire with her teeth and hangs bulb instead of antic lamp.

Shaurya says you have destroyed show of my balcony, Mahek says we middle class people like to spend as much as we can afford, this energy saving bulb will save my rent money, Shaurya shouts driver bring car, i am late. Mahek says all the best and smirks.
Karona says to driver that do what i am asking you, i am your boss, driver says if Shaurya gets to know it then he will throw me out, Karona says till i am here, nothing will happen to your job, put sugar in one car’s petrol tank and puncture tyre of other car. Driver does it, Karona says dont tell this to anyone. Shaurya comes there and says someone on call that i am coming.


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