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[ZEE WORLD] Sunday May 26th 2019 update on “Mehek”

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateMay 24, 2019 -



Read previous episode SATURDAY MAY 25TH UPDATE ON MEHEK

The episode starts with Shaurya asking Karona what she is doing here? Karona says one car is not starting and other is punctured, i have to go to my friend’s house, i will take rickshaw, Shaurya asks servant where are other cars? servant says Svetlana have taken one car. Shaurya says even owner of this house cant have car to use and cab is away too. Mahek comes there and is leaving. She asks Karona what happened? should i drop you somewhere? Shaurya says what, this had to happen today? Karona says Mahek can you take Shaurya to his restaurant, he is late for work, you are going so give him lift on your scooty. Shaurya says no thanks i will manage, this small scooty can only bear weight of Mahek so let her go. Mahek says i am leaving then, Karona says Shaurya you have important meeting so why arguing, just take lift.

Shaurya says i won’t sit behind her on scooty, i wont take her help, Magek huffs and goes to sit on her scooty. She brings scooty near Shaurya. Shaurya says fine its your luck day, now move back, MAhek says if you want lift then say please and request and this is my vehicle so i will drive, just because i am girl, i wont sit behind you, Shaurya says you think i will sit behind girl on bike? Mahek says i am leaving then, Shaurya says Mahek please please stop. Shaurya sits behind Mahek on scooty, Mahek says sit carefully, Shaurya go fast. Mahek starts scooty and drives on road. Shaurya says i feel like i am sitting in amusement park ride. Mahek applies brakes, Shaurya says buy cycle, Mahek says you sell your cars and take my scooty atleast you will reach to your meetings.

irritates him with horn too. Mahek stops at signal, one kid asks Shaurya to buy balloons for valentine’s day, Shaurya says just go from here, kid says you are nice couple, buy it please, Shaurya says i dont want it, Mahek says give kid money, Shaurya gives money to kid and buys balloons, he says to that if your social service is done then drive. Mahek starts driving again with Shaurya sitting behind and holding red balloons, titli song plays. MAhek applies brakes, Shaurya falls on her, Mahek says dont take my advantage. Mahek stops at Shaurya’s hotel, Shaurya says thanks now get lost from here.

Mahek says give me balloons first, he gives it. Shaurya’s investors come there. One investor says its special day, we are disturbing them, other investor says i am sorry Shaurya, we didnt realise its your first valentine with your wife. Shaurya says nothing like that, Mahek you leave. Investor says to Shaurya that we are throwing party for valentine, other investor invites Mahek saying that we are throwing party in Shaurya’s restaurant only, he is her husband. Shaurya says she is busy, she wont come, investor says we will like it if Mahek comes in party, Mahek looks at Shaurya who glares at her.

Investors ask Mahek to come to valentine party, Mahek looks at Shaurya and says i have some work but i will try to come, Shaurya says now leave, Mahek glares at him. Mahek is making tea at the balcony. Shaurya comes there, she asks will you drink tea hubby? Shaurya says you have made dhabba on my balcony, get drowned in it. Shaurya gets call from manager, manager asks him to come to party with his wife, Shaurya says she is busy, she cant come, manager says these foreign investors take valentine seriously so bring your wife fro sure, bring her only for few minutes but do bring her, its important for your public image which is in news too. Shaurya ends call and comes to Mahek. They sees Vicky and Shurti going out of house for valentine.


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