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[Zee World] Thursday 23rd January 2020 Update On King of Hearts

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateJanuary 22, 2020 -


[ World] Thursday 23rd January 2020 Update On King of Hearts

King of Hearts 23 January 2020 Update starts when Mahi sees her parents’ pic and tells that Payal can do anything. She says I don’t know how my mum died. Satya says whoever is hidden by Payal is having diabetes. She says sasumummy gives her injection always. Aleena says today we have to spy on her. Satya says yes, tonight. In the night, Payal comes out of her room and goes to cellar. Satya follows her and thinks where did she vanish? Guard comes.


Satya thinks thief came. Guard says he came back to work again and asks why you are here. Satya tells when you was not here, Sasumummy needed someone to guard the house. He asks him to go. He thinks where did she go. Next morning, he tells Mahi that Payal vanished in the garden. Mahi says don’t know what to do. Satya says we have to send her out of house to search the house. He shares his plan. Aleena smiles while Mahi looks on carefully.

Mahi is waiting in the hall. Koel comes. Mahi collides with her intentionally and hurts her hand. Koel asks what is in your hand? Mahi twists her hand and asks her to throw tantrums on Mahi. Koel comes to Payal’s room angrily, and falls down on the bed. Payal thinks she has to take her to hospital. Aleena and Mahi are in the garden with Satya. Satya says he called a spy and call dog. He asks it to start work. Sniffer dog is searching in the garden.

Doctor tells Payal that someone gave her horse injection. Payal is shocked and thinks if Satya and Mahi planned this to send her out of house. She asks Mitul to take care of Koel and goes. Sniffer dog shows the cellar. Satya thanks him and says Payal is very clever. He says we have to get inside. Meanwhile Payal is on the way and thinks what they might be doing. Satya tells Mahi that place is strange. They see chain and says someone was tied here. Where did that person go, and says may be she is hidden here only.

Payal thinks if they came to know about garden beneath room. Satya says may be that person is not here, might have ran away. Mahi finds locket and shows to Satya. Satya opens it and says it has just one old pic. Aleena sees the pic. They hear car noise, gets alert and comes out of cellar. They hide seeing Payal’s car. Payal gets inside the cellar and sees only chain. She is shocked. Payal comes out and calls someone, says I told you to keep an eye on her, she is not here. She asks her/him to find that person soon else their game will end. Satya says surely there was some person here.

Payal comes inside the house and sees Aleena making Satya eat apples. Payal throws the plate and accuses them for giving horse injection to Koel. Satya laughs and asks her not to feel bad. She says if Koel got horse injection then what did horse get? He laughs. He says your daughter is like out of control horse. He says whoever gave it have done best.

King of Hearts 23 January 2020 Update on World

Payal asks him to get out of her sight. Satya teases her and makes horse noise. He asks Mahi to meet him in the market with locket and goes. Satya and Mahi reach photo studio. Photographer says they have no technology to restore old pic. Mahi says we have lost this clue, and thinks where is that person.

Mahi giving prasad to Dida. Dida pushes her hand and makes prasad falls. Aleena and Satya comes to her rescue. Mahi picks the fallen locket. Naina sees locket and says it is of my bahu Ria. Satya asks are you sure? Payal comes and asks from where did the locket come to you. Mahi goes to her and asks where is my mum? Where did you hide her? Payal is shocked. Satya calls her Mahi and asks her to calm down and says she will not tell.

Payal understands his plan and says it was your drama of Aleena and Mahi, and says somewhere I have a doubt on you and kept something as secret. She says you will never know about the secret, and says now it is clear that you all are together. It was good plan to reach truth. She says a secret is saved with me.

Satya asks Payal not to joke and says I know that you had hidden somewhere in the garden. He says that person eloped from your clutches. Just then door bell rings. Mitul goes to open the door. Everyone see Gangu Tai walking inside the house. Satya says Aayi…you are here. Ria comes then….Everyone is shocked to see Ria alive. Mitul says Ria is alive. Mahi gets emotional seeing her mum alive. Naina, Satya and Aleena are happy too. Naina says Ria…you have returned. Ria looks at the house as if she lost her memory.

Mahi cries and gets emotional. She goes near her and calls her maa….She asks where were you? She says I have spent my childhood with your pic, why did you leave me and went. Ria pushes her. Everyone is shocked. Ria goes to Payal and asks what is all this. She says why there are so many people here. Payal says my little sister, don’t get scared…come with me. She takes her inside.

Satya talks to Gangu Tai and tells that her anger is justified. He says I am your son and your values will not go. I promise that I am not doing this for myself. He asks where did you find her. Gangu Tai says she found her near the well and she took Payal’s name, so she brought her here. Satya asks her to return his mum. Gangu Tai asks him not to think about her, and goes.

Payal takes Ria to room and gives her water. Ria drinks it. She sees Mahi and asks about her. Payal asks her not to think and says she is mistaken. Naina and Mitul come there. Ria asks Naina, what happened to her? She asks did you meet with an accident? Naina asks don’t you remember anything. Mitul says she doesn’t remember anything.

King of Hearts 23 January 2020 Update ends as Mahi asks Ria, what you have done with my mum. Payal asks if you are court, to whom I am answerable. She asks her to leave. Mahi shows pics to Ria and tells that she is Mahi. She shows locket and says it is yours. Ria says it is not possible as Neil and Mahi are dead. Payal asks them to go, and says Ria is uncomfortable with the people whom she doesn’t know. She calls the doctor and asks her to calm down. Mahi cries looking at her.

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