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PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateMay 23, 2019 -



Prithvi throws Sherlin on the bed, Preeta enters and sees them together, HE starts to make an excuse by saying that Sherlin was crying, he starts to explain that he was only passing by when he saw that she was crying and it may be because that’s he has just came back from the hospital.

Preeta sees the room which has been turned upside down, he say that Sherlin might have done this because she must have been feeling pain and has done this. He says that both Karan and Rishab are very rude but he still came to check on Sherlin because he is a good person. Preeta asks him why the door was locked, he says that he did it so that no one would come to know that Sherlin is crying and get tensed. He hands her the phone.

Preeta thinks that she did not hear her cry when she was standing outside and
Prithvi is saying that she was crying all the time, Prithvi sees her and realizes that he might not have bought his story.
Karan and Rishab are both having a joke when Shrishti and Sameer come and say that they could not find Manisha and Rithwik, Rakhi comes and says to them that she saw both Manisha and Rithwik and they were really close, she explains and they discuss that they will be fighting because she did not know of the plans Rithwik had made.
Shrishti and Sameer take this task to keep an eye on both of them and they leave. Rakhi asks Karan if he found the reports Karan says that he was not able to, she goes to find them, Rishab asks him if they are positive, he says that he is not sure and will check first.
Sherlin is crying, Prithvi goes to her and tries to calm her down, Preeta does no like this and says thinks that it is because Karan made her doubtful or because he is really doing wrong, Prithvi realizes this and turns back asking her what the matter is, she says that she has to leave, Prithvi tries to flirt with her but is unsuccessful, she says that she has to go and leaves. He also comes with her but she ditches him and he goes back to Sherlin, they both plan and decide to work carefully,
She says that she knows that he is really starting to love Preeta, he starts to deny it but she say that she can see that he has started to love Preeta and it cannot be so because he has to leave her.
Manisha is not convinced with Rithwik and says that he cannot trust the Luthras. He however says that they have to join hands with the Luthra’s because they are very rich, she says that it cannot be that he got the deal because of his experience and it was because of the accident that he got into, she is still not convinced and very confused.

Shrishti and Samer get outside the room and start to hear what they both are talking about, they hear that Manisha and Rithwik both have very opposite views, she doesn’t listen to him but he makes her realize that they have to get out of this mess because Prithvi will never give them any money , She realizes this and agrees when he says that she got into this mess because of him and must trust him once again, she agrees, Sameer and Shrishti get very excited to hear this news and go to tell Rishab.
Karan is walking in the hallway and thinking of how ca he find the reports, accidently he spoils the decoration and gets very nervous fearing that Rakhi will scold him now, he decides to fix it by himself but is unable to do it saying that it is a girls thing, Preeta from behind say that he is wrong, Karan gets scared and says as that Men can do only things that require strength like playing Cricket, she however says that there is a girls women team now, he must not consider girls to be less than anyone, he asks her why she is always fighting him, she say that he is the one who starts it and she cannot help it.
He says that he is right and girls cannot do everything, she say that’s he will say something that hurt him, he asks her to tell him then she says that she defeated him in a cricket match, he gets angry saying that she remembered his defeat and leaves, she goes after him and cheers him, he ask where she went, she says that’s he went to Prithvi, he asks if he was with Sherlin, she does not say anything, he say that he has said it before and will say it again that Prithvi is not a good person.

Karan says to Preeta that she deserves the best guy and Prithvi is not the one, he also says that she will meet them both in some room, she thinks of what her mother said, he asks her what the matter is and she gets angry saying that she trust Prithvi even more ten him, he gets angry and asks her to ago away, he say that he is mad for caring so much for a girl who does not want to take care of herself, he say that he will not let Prithvi destroy Preeta life.
Rishab is talking of the phone when Samer and Shrishti come, they say that they have an important news, Both start to argue on who will say it,Shristhi says that she will tell and adds that both Rithwik and Manisha will now work with them, Rakhi gets a lot of excited at hearing this, Shrishti says that the mastermind does not know that they are close to him, Rishab says that she must not under estimate her enemy, he says that he sets his eyes on this mastermind then he will surely punch him.
Preeta is thinking of what Karan said and what she herself saw happening between Prithvi and Sherlin, she however is not convinced and deices to find out for herself and will not tell Karan because he hates Prithvi and will never listen to anything else.
Rakhi asks Prithvi to forgive her son because what happened was not on purpose, she ten in confusion tells Prithvi of all their plan without listening to anyone, Rishab stops her and says to Prithvi that she was talking of the mastermind, they try to take his attention of all that they are talking of.
Rishab asks Rakhi to stop lying because she cannot and Shrishti is also angry, he then turns towards Prithvi but just then Rithwik comes and asks him when they will sign the paper of their partnership, Rishab says that if he promised it for today then they will do it and leave, Rithwik is stopped by Prithvi who asks what is happening but he frees his hand and leaves.

Shrishti stops Manisha and says that she cannot leave them and go towards he Luthras because of Rithwik and whenever she was in trouble they are the ones who came to her help, Manisha’s says that she will be against those who are against Rithwik, they start to have a fight and Manisha leaves but then she is about to go as she says that Sherlin must leave Prithvi because he is a snake and will leave her whenever she gets the chance.
Rishab sis stopped by Rakhi who says that he cannot sign this deal, she says that they might be the false papers but he says that he cannot do this otherwise he will suspect, Rakhi is about to says something but then Shrishti steps her because Rithwik arrives, he comes in and they are all standing with the papers in Rishab hand.Rithwick gets very emotional and starts hugging Rishab, he gets annoyed with this, and his phone rings Rishab asks him to pick it up he leaves.
Rakhi asks if they will go the desired amount to Rithwick,Rishabb says that Preeta has a plan, Rakhi gets very happy and does not listen to anything, she starts looking at the papers, Preeta turns away and is tensed, Rishab sees this and go to her asking why she is tensed she says that Rakhi trusts her and what if she does something that is wrong.
Rishab says that he is with her and believes more than himself because she always cares for him, she asks him why he has not asked the plan, he says that if she wants then she can tell him otherwise the reasoned because he knows that she will not let anything happen to him as he trusts her, she is about to leave but he stops her, he is about to tell her what he feels but stops and asks her abbot the time, she after answering it leaves.
Prithvi drags Rithwik back into the room and then thy start to argue, Rithwik warns him to not do this, Prithvi says that if does this then they will get into a fight, Prithvi hears someone walking outside, he takes Rithwik always, It is Preeta who I s thinking of how to make the dal void just then she thinks of a plan where she will act like se has got an of paralyzing and will drop the ink on the documents.
Rithwik also pushes Prithvi away asking him to stop, he says that he will make him understand what he really is because he was the one who was giving Rithwik money and giving a percentage of his profits, he says that Prithvi has nothing as compared to the Luthra’s and this will result in him being rich, he says that Prithvi can take his money back and is about to leave.
Prithvi says from behind that they all know everything , Rithwik is not convinced and says that they are only showing him dreams and ass soon as he signs then he will tell them the name.
Rithwik gets angry and says that Karan once told him that if Manisha backs out then he will also back out without charging any case, Prithvi says that this means that He wilt eel them the name, Rithwik says that he has to do then he will really do it, he is only interested in getting rich and will do anything for it, he leaves without listening to anything the Prithvi is saying, he comes from behind and places a knife on his throat saying that if he backs out then Prithvi will kill him.
Sarla is walking Janki when something gets into her eyes and she leaves making Janki sit in the place,Rithwick is begging Prithvi that he will not tell anyone and will not betray him,Prithiv is not convinced saying that he will back out as soon as Prithvi leaves him, Janki’s chair is moving towards the room even she doesn’t understand where it is going,Rithwick sees her and starts to ask her for help, Prithvi seeing that it is Janki starts to laugh, threatening him to show his future, he goes to Janki and starts to blackmail him, he takes her in the room.
Rithwik says to him that he is doing things that are wrong, Prithvi says to him that she cannot help him because she is paralyzed and can do nothing, he did his to her because she wanted to tell everyone the truth about him and that is why he did this to her, he also makes Rithwik realize that he will do the same to him.
Janki is thinking that when someone will realize that she is not there then will come looking for her and see he truth of Prithvi.

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