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[Zee World] Tuesday 4th February 2020 Update Lady Luck

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateFebruary 4, 2020 -


4 February 2020 Update starts when Inspector arrests Pavitra for killing casting agent and puts her behind bars. Agram shows concern. Suman says Pavitra was very arrogant and must have killed casting agent. Badi maa calls bhoomi and informs that Pavitra is arrested for murdering casting agent. Inspector interrogates Pavitra and asks why did she casting agent.

4 February 2020 Update – She says she did not and it was just shooting. Constable shows pic of her shooting and asks if this is fake. Pavitra says she was saying same, it is shooting. Inspector says her drama will not work. Bhoomi comes back to Ansh’s hospital room after speaking to badi maa.

Ansh asks who tried to kill him. She says people told dancer slit his throat and some saw her running. He asks why will she when he does not know her. She thinks she cannot tell truth to him and silently tries to leave. He asks her to give his mobile. She gives mobile and leaves. He calls his aide and asks him to find out details about Yuvraj Malhotra who lives in Shirdi.

Inspector takes Pavitra to godown and takes out gun. She panics and says she is prajapati family’s daughter and will not spare him. Producer Angad comes there. She says he come on right time and asks to tell that they were shooting. He asks which shooting, she shot casting agent in real. He holds inspector’s shoulders and says they are hands in gloves and can do anything for money.

She asks what does he need. He holds her and says he needs her. She shouts to leave her. He says if she does not, she will go to jail. She says she made many mistakes, but has not stooped to low to lose her dignity, she is ready to go to jail. He shouts as she wishes.

Yuvraj drinks alcohol reminiscing people discussing that Bhoomi walked on burning coal to save Ansh’s life. His inner soul comes on mirror and suggests him that he should inform everyone about his and Divya’s relationship and when she cannot be his, she cannot be anyone else’s. He says he is right and says now begum will see real Yuvraj.

Ansh gets discharged from hospital. He sees only Varun and asks where is Badi maa and others. Varun says they have all gone to temple to pray for him. Ansh asks if they are hiding anything. Bhoomi says badi maa has gone to police station as Pavitra is arrested in a case. 4 February 2020 Update ends…

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